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We’re Going Crazy for Crepes

We’re Going Crazy for Crepes

Every mountain town needs a crepe place because it’s an Alpine tradition after all! This winter a fresh and healthy take on crepes is coming to Snowmass Base Village when Mawa McQueen opens The Crepe Shack by Mawa’s Kitchen on the new plaza next to the ice rink.

“My dreams are coming true – I am really excited to create this because it’s so dear to my heart from my childhood,” said McQueen who was born in Ivory Coast of West Africa, and raised in Paris, France. “Every country seems to have its own spin on traditional French crepes. The great thing is you can fill them with whatever you want! Ours will be our signature, healthy crepes.”

The Crepe Shack will offer three different batters: a gluten-free/vegan buckwheat flour; garbanzo bean flour and regular flour. McQueen takes great pride in her culinary approach using fresh, nutritious ingredients in creative ways. She’s famous for her Mawa’s Greens which includes spinach, avocado and broccoli pesto as well as comfort foods like Grilled cheese with homemade Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Roasted Tomato Basil soup.  She uses organic eggs, milk or almond milk for galettes and sweet crepes along with local coffees, cappuccino, and freshly squeezed juices.

“We are catering to the people who visit here, both locals and from around the world including European and South American countries. Breakfast for them consists of bread, like a baguette or croissant, with meat and cheese. We want to make a point to cater to them by providing a familiar breakfast.”

Of the space, McQueen says, “We call it a ‘shack’ because it’s small with no seating, but it’s upscale in ambiance with vibrant, colorful, top-notch design. We redefine the word ’shack’ with what we are doing.” She hopes to have two to three tables out front with heated lamps.

“Cooking is my passion and my purpose. It’s how I share my heart with the world. And I can’t wait to share my latest venture with everyone in the new Snowmass Base Village.” Mawa also says, “I will personally welcome everyone each morning this Winter, so please come in to say hello. I welcome your feedback. This will be your chance to talk to me, so please take it!”

“We’re very excited to bring a well-respected, much-loved and talented, local restaurateur
to Base Village,” said Andy Gunion, managing partner for East West Partners, the development company overseeing SBV. “Mawa’s energy and passion for food, as well as her experience in working in ski towns is what makes her such a great fit.”

The Crepe Shack will be the third restaurant from McQueen Hospitality Group in the area. Sister restaurants include Market Street Kitchen in Willits Town Center and Mawa’s Kitchen in the Aspen Business Center. As the foster child of Aspen Ski Company, Mawa began her culinary adventure in the Roaring Fork Valley at the Little Nell in 2002. She opened her own catering business in 2006 while staying with the Aspen Ski Company. In 2012 she left there to focus on her own catering business and remodeled her commercial kitchen in the Aspen Business Center in 2015 to include a restaurant dining experience.

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